Monday, May 26, 2008

we are grad 2008

well, it's that time of year again - grad season! here are some friends who asked me to shoot their formals at queen elizabeth park. they lucked out on having it the sunniest day in vancouver this year (i felt sorry for the guys in their suits, though i'm sure these photos will make it totally worth it!)

i had only one hour to shoot all twenty of them, so we had to make each shot count. it was tight, but they made it to their downtown location in time for some dinner and dancing! these are some highlights from their outdoor shoot:

straight out of the limo and in front of the fountain - hurry people!

another classic group photo

the guys were definitely working the camera - it was hard to know when to stop shooting, but we were on the clock and it was ticking fast!

here's my favourite shot with the guys. the girls were giving them a tough time off camera, but they were on their game

classy and beautiful - just like a rainbow

now for some fun in the garden (are we allowed to be in here?)

only a few more minutes left!

phew! that was a crazy photo shoot, but oh how fun it was! thanks for including me on your exciting day no matter how hot, rushed and out-of-bounds it was!