Tuesday, January 6, 2009


this is cristina and dylan.  two of the most caring, devoted, in-love people i know - and i'm not just saying that because they're my friends.  i was given the honour of being one of dylan's groomsmen (which of course means i couldn't be their wedding photographer, but i had a hand in helping choose one for them.)  in the summer, i had the pleasure of shooting their engagement session and giving life to some ideas that i've been dying to try out for a while.  needless to say, these two brought those ideas to life without much effort - such is the magic that exists between them.  the perfect place for this lively couple: Playland!  nothing else says "vancouver" and "fun" better!

there are so many things that this photo says




there's no wonder why these two are so perfect for each other

these moments kept happening during the shoot

here's a shot for the parents' album

and one for the couple's wallet

even more fun...

apparently they've been hiding their modelling career background

the crowd-pleaser (and i'm not just talking about the ride!)

 who knew playland could be this romantic?


congratulations, cristina and dylan! you're a shining inspiration to us all.  here's to many more photographic moments!