Sunday, October 19, 2008


nicole and brock are genuine, down-to-earth people with a love for life that is rivaled only by their love for each other.  their concern for others was obvious in the way they handled the small details of their wedding.  from ensuring that their make-up and photography crew was fed and hydrated, to seating their wedding party with friends and family - these two wanted to show the people who cared about them that they care about them too.

patient and calm, nicole

 the maid of honour waiting for her turn

making it official!

 these two look absolutely perfect together

 photogenic, brock 

congratulations nicole and brock!  (and yes, baby photos for sure ;)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

you and i are unstoppable

though i wasn't the official photographer for my sister's wedding, i couldn't help but take a few photos when no one was looking.  i'm proud to say that i am now a brother-in-law to my sister's husband (great to have you in the family, Rob!)  if you missed it, i took their engagement photos earlier this year.

here's daughter and mother getting done up

she's come a long way from being "just my sister"  i remember when she used to be taller than me and had hair down to her waist

doesn't mom look absolutely beautiful here? i'm sure i'm not being biased or anything

i couldn't resist doing some detail shots

oh! what's this? a sweet note from the husband-to-be

the reception after the wedding was not lacking in entertainment, that's for sure

yes, lion dancers as well (sis, you did an awesome job of planning this wedding!)

aww... first dance

daddy's girl - all grown up (it's a good thing they both know how to dance the fox trot!)

i know a lot of you are wondering what happened to the ceremony photos.  well, out of respect to the official photographers at sakura photography (and because i was part of the ceremony) i opted not to bring the camera with me to the church.  however, if you wish to see the photos (and they're pretty amazing - mark and leslie you guys are awesome!) you should visit their website. congrats again, athena and rob!