Tuesday, September 2, 2008

you and i are extravagant

when i say "extravagant" i'm not referring to a lavish or exorbitant lifestyle (though to them, they've already won the lottery of a different kind) no, when i say "extravagant" i'm talking about the love that jen and stefan have for each other.
recently, jen posted a very flattering entry about my work on her blog: asihavelovedyou.blogspot.com
i certainly hope these photos made you happy, though i'm sure they're are only a taste of things to come.

and i'm sure some people have been waiting to see these photos, and i wouldn't be living up to expectations if i didn't present these in due haste, so here we go - off to YVR airport!

stefan's eyes just radiate - they're a bright blue, but i'm sure there's another reason they glow

the two of them will be welcoming many visitors to vancouver at the end of this month

there were so many of these tender moments during their session


a little serious...

... and a lot of fun!
(this one's my favourite!)

there's something majestic about these two that translates well in pictures

thank you, jen and stefan, for letting me help record your special day and for the kind words on your blog.  i can't wait to meet the rest of your families and friends!