Saturday, January 25, 2014


this is the story about my friends katie and derek.

it is the story about their surprise that they needed my help with. a surprise that i had a lot of fun with!

it started off with derek and i having jambalaya fettucini at boston pizza (as we usually do on a pasta tuesday, of course) and talked for hours scheming and planning his perfect proposal for katie. we had charts and graphs and timelines. at one point a map was taken out and the pencils, compass and rulers were flying.

then, on the following saturday, instead of executing the elaborate, elegantly designed plan, he popped the question to katie during a snowshoeing expedition.  he called me up the next day and said, "what are you doing friday? wanna shoot my wedding?" (i'm going to save that proposal idea for myself now)

anyway... this is what came from that day.  congrats derek and katie!

the first look (yay! my first "first look" photo shoot!)

priceless smiles (they were constant)

super sweet...

and super playful! they were a blast to shoot

cheesy - love it!

"we don't want any 'gazing-into-each-others-eyes' photos" (yeah, right)

never a dull moment

going immediately from goofy...

to dead serious.

magazine cover right here

the end.