Monday, April 20, 2009


lysa and javi - even the way their names are spelled tells you that this isn't your everyday couple. they were a bit hesitant to have their photos taken, but a pair this good-looking deserves to have the spotlight on them!

for their location, they chose a patch of land called spanish banks, which hosts a great off-leash dog area. this was the perfect place for "honey," their canine companion, to run around and just be a dog.

i knew my first beach session ever was off to a good start when the first frames from my camera looked like this

this is lysa's favourite (and definitely one of mine as well!)

loved the red coat

by the time we were done with the session, i could see they were a lot more relaxed being in front of the camera. you could tell how laid-back they really were and that they knew how to have fun. congratulations, you two, can't wait to see the wedding photos!