Wednesday, February 20, 2008

a trip down memory lane

i was going through some old photos in my archive and stumbled upon the pictures from the first wedding i did back in the summer of 2005. these were taken with my sony f707 at a whopping five megapixels! those were the days. anyhow, looking back at these photos makes me realize how far i've come with my photography. it's never a dull moment in the world of capturing images!
this is reine, a good friend of mine

i remember taking this photo just as the elevator doors were about to close

what a beautiful smile!
her sister was elegantly dressed for her part as the maid of honour

the handsome ring bearer

here's ian, dressed in his kilt - classy!

a little after-wedding smooch

i gave this print to them as part of my wedding gift to them along with the slideshow i prepared for the reception.

i remember having a lot of fun taking photos that day. a lot of hard work, but i was proud of the end result. that being said, i could definitely kick my former self's butt on a photo shoot - such is the beauty of experience and education.

well, back to organizing the archive - thanks for reminiscing with me!

Monday, February 18, 2008

you and i are forever

doug and michelle have been married for 25 years, but their love for each other seems to span the ages. you can tell that it has spilled over to their three children - bright, attractive, and energetic as they are. i was honoured when they asked me to take some photos at their vow renewal mass.

here's zach, their son, in quiet contemplation

their church was warm and intimate - the perfect venue for such a joyous milestone

after the mass, there was definitely some merry-making

doug and daughter teniya on the dance floor

michelle and other daughter deedee getting in a little ymca action

a familiar couple - perhaps i will have photos from their 25th anniversary one day ;)

here are some highlight collages i put together (i saved the cookies and tarts for last)

congratulations on your silver anniversary, michelle and doug - the youthful energy you two have is truly inspiring. thanks for letting me be a part of the occasion, your memories and your lives.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

we are jubilant

what do you do when you and your two best friends finish your undergrad? you take photos together, of course! alisha, cristina and sarah are done with their schooling (well, sort of) and are ecstatic about the next step. what that next step is, well that's their choice, but needless to say they're ready to take it on.

the first stop - the library where they spent a lot of time studying (and napping?)

love the perspective on this shot - who knew books could be so much fun?

they obviously work well together

lines, colours, poses - this photo just flows

this one's for the album - or the parents

one thing that became apparent during this shoot is that they have a unique bond. their poses were always different, but matching which made for a fun session!

a more "serious" pose

a windy day never stopped us from shooting

studio? nope - koener's library

i liked the spontaneity of this photo - they look so relaxed

ah - the old clock tower

this one is my favourite

i think i'll start doing more angled shots (not a lot, just a few)

ok, now lets get to the "fun" shots (like the last few weren't?)

don't they look like sisters in this photo?

the laid back photo

the "reitmans" photo

and of course, the charlie's angels photo

can you tell they're glad to be done?

congratulations, girls - thanks for the trip down academia lane. it was a lot of fun shooting with you and i'm sure this won't be the last time you make an appearance on my blog.