Sunday, September 19, 2010


christy and matt - two people who i am glad to have met and honoured that they would let me be the one to capture their day, a milestone of a lifetime together. the day started off with a beautiful wedding mass at st. bernadette parish in surrey.

the bride and groom take their place before the altar
(beautiful flowers from
all tymes florist in surrey)

their happiness was radiating from their faces during the entire wedding

the rings!

my favourite moment of the entire day: no one saw this, but after receiving communion and while matt was in a moment of calm reflection, christy looked up to him and mouthed the words "i love you" and reached out to hold his hand. hopefully no one saw me wipe my eyes when they got a bit misty.

the reception at hazelmere country club in surrey was decorated to the nines
(matt gives credit to the ever-diligent christy for this)
first, here are a few photos "out back" on the gorgeous golf course

the smiles on their faces say it all - it was easy capturing them with elated expressions
photos don't lie, these two are made for each other

unequivocally stunning

looking sharp on the green

loved the blue-green colour palette of this wedding

record album cover material

the absolutely sumptuous (and delicious) cake by a friend of the bride
not professional? (i don't believe it for a second!)

no detail was ignored in the panorama room at the club

dancing as mr. and mrs. for the first time

a stolen moment during the reception at night. relaxed, peaceful... happy

christy and matt - thank you for bestowing upon me the privilege of taking photos at your wedding. it will forever be a day that i look upon for encouragement, inspiration and above all else: the knowledge that true happiness can be found in this life. congratulations to both of you. i look forward to the day when our paths cross once more!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010|longing

jen and stefan have been longing for their child even before they knew her.  the strength, the passion and the laughter they share will be what their baby is longing for soon enough...

a beautiful day (just like on their wedding)

there's not much i can say, other than "wow!"

this one's my favourite

ok, actually this one's my favourite!
congratulations j.s!  can't wait to meet her!


never have i met a couple more complimentary than christy and matt.  christy is the super-organized, well-composed girl, whereas matt is the ultra-supportive, easy-going guy.   together, these two could easily take over the world!  Before they do, however... here are some photos from their engagement a few months ago

see you guys at the wedding!